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Alain Silberstein Tourbillon Black Storm fake watch Available On James List

Are you ready for a fake watch like this? Is anyone ever really ready for a fake watch like this? Among his many watches, Alain Silberstein offers some tourbillon models. Less popular today, a few years ago these iconoclastic tourbillon timepieces really offered something very different. Take this Black Storm model (ref. TS511) that combines his playful French design, an interesting tourbillon movement, and urban toned camouflage.

The idea is really when you get to a fake watch like a tourbillon reason loses a lot of meaning. Art is what makes sense and here Alain Silberstein is having fun (like he always does). Not everyone is a fan of his aesthetic ?that is OK. I believe design aesthetics such as his are meant to be polarizing. In the Black Storm fake watch is a manually wound tourbillon based movement that I believe are exclusive to his pieces. He doesn't make the movements, but no one else has them.

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The tourbillon is a flying tourbillon, and done in a manner that I find interesting. The lower part of the dial is deeply recessed, allowing for a greater view of the mechanics. This lowered surface is perlage polished and contains Silberstein's three primary shape/colors logo. The rest of the dial has the time and date dial.

At 40mm wide, the case isn't huge, but size is assisted with the relative thickness of the case. In steel, the side of the case matches the main dial with the black and gray camo motif. The combination of this design with Silberstein's geometric bright colored pieces is interesting. I like the dial a lot actually, but wish the minute hand here a tad bit longer.

On the back of the fake watch you have a greater view of the movement though the sapphire caseback crystal. Here you can see some of the complex bridge work in the movement which adds to the designer feel. I believe the Tourbillon Black Storm is part of a limited edition, but am not sure. Attached to it is a black crocodile strap. Don't like the black and white camo look? The same style is offered in other colors such as red and pink if you prefer. Price isn't too bad for a tourbillon. On James List right now this Alain Silberstein Tourbillon Black Storm is available for $37,500.

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