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Alain Silberstein iKrono Watch

This isn't a brand new release (still pretty fresh though) from French fake watch maker Alain Silberstein ?and it is one of my favorites. Sort of like his take on the Bell & Ross BR01 instrument fake watch look and style. Best of is that I got to check some iKrono replica watches out last month in person. A square case in titanium with an elevated round dial. The case is available in a micro-grain finish (sort of like sandblasted) and also with black PVD coating. Alain Silberstein further uses a special silicium anti-stain treatment. This is a really good addition when dealing with things like finger oils and such. The cases don't really smudge when you touch them. I love the machine-like presentation, though it is softened by smooth bolts on the case and the overall smooth edges all over the case and surfaces. This gives it a more cartoon line, friendly look. The fake watch isn't small either being 47mm wide (BR01 is 46mm wide) and 20mm tall. A really great look on your wrist if you ask me ?very charming and inviting looking (which can pretty much be said for all his watches). By the way, the strap is actually one long piece of material that is secured into the case. To remove it, you just need to unscrew the caseback.

There are a few color versions of the fake watch I believe, pictured are just some examples. The fake watch also look really nice with a white leather (or rubber strap I believe) Each version is in a limited edition (500 pieces each edition at most). In fact, you can see a few more images of a few more versions of the iKrono fake watch here on this quality French fake watch blog. I love the different color chapter rings on the iKrono fake watch (that have tachymetre scale on them).

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Look on the back of the fake watch and you learn that it is proudly made in France ?an up-and-coming spot in the mainstream world of luxury watches. The character is very French as well, but embodies Alain Silberstein's unmistakable charms. Ever present are his use of red, yellow, and blue. Plus the three icon shapes seen in two places here. First on each of the pushers and the crown to much up the triad (admittedly the blue square is made into a circle here for symmetry purposes on the pushers) , and then they are all together to form the seconds hand on the dial. The three colors are again used on his standard playful hour, minute and chronograph seconds hand (of the most expressive "squiggly?hands on the market). You'll notice something different about the chronograph seconds hand ?it has a peculiar extension. This is apparently called a Vernier scale hand, and it is used to tell the chronograph time to 1/8 of a second accuracy. This is about as much as the 7750 movement breitling replica can take, though a Zenith El Primero movement that beats fast can do 1/10 of a second accuracy. Basically when you stop the chronograph you look to see which of the little indicators on the Vernier scale are lined up the best with one of the indicators near it, and that gives you the 1/8 of a second reading.

Plenty of SuperLumiNova is used on the hands and dial for darkness visibility. Despite the wild looks of the dial, it is still easy to read ?Alain Silberstein is very intent of having each of his replica watches be utilitarian first and foremost. There is a lot of fun in the design though still ?such as the day of the week indicator. Instead of having a disc with the days of the week, it has been replaced by different emoticons ("Smiledays?, there are a few different ones. It is mostly a way of judging if you should be happy (weekends) or sad (weekdays). Monday has a little sad face as seen in one of the images. The uplifting red smile is a Saturday. The effect is further enhanced by the oval window for the images that creates a facial look more than a square opening would.

While the iKrono fake watch might look like an expensive toy, it isn't make like a toy. This is a top quality high-end fake watch through and through. The movement is a Swiss Valjoux 7750 automatic that has a custom black rotor, blued screws, and is decorated. The movement is visible through the sapphire caseback window, and the sapphire crystal on the front of the fake watch is coated with anti-reflective material on both sides. Overall the fake watch is just plain cool. Not for everyone, but looking at it you know if you are the type of person to enjoy this style of sports watch. Price is $12,400. Check with an Alain Silberstein dealer if you want to get one.

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